Couple Checkup


Do you have 20 minutes? Become an expert on your relationship!

Which of these powerful insights could you use?

  • Understand your partner's emotional needs.
  • Learn unrealistic relationship expectations.
  • Communication tips that will increase your intimacy.
  • 10 steps to resolving conflict.
  • Learn how to attack your financial debt and not your partner.
Article on Couple Checkup - Sun Herald, March 12, 2009
The Couple Checkup is a relationship assessment designed to help couples learn about each other and enhance their relationship. 

  • Take the Checkup and ask another couple to mentor and walk through the results with you.
  • Discuss your results in a small group with other couples. 
  • Set aside two or three coffee dates with your spouse to talk about your results. 
  • Recommend the Checkup to your friends!
The Checkup is 156 questions - so set aside a half hour or so to complete it.  Click the link below to begin the online questionnaire. Have your spouse do the same. You'll receive a copy of your scores, a detailed report and discussion guide immediately.  (This is a great tool for leaders as well as individual couples!)