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The Peacemaking Marriage

Retrouvaille Saved Our Marriage - Letter to the Editor

Why divorce is not the answer.....

1.  It rarely solves the problem
  2.  It is a financial disaster
  3.  It blocks personal growth and maturity
  4.  It sets you up to repeat your difficulty with someone else
  5.  It hardens your heart
  6.  It weakens your faith
  7.  It increases your loneliness
  8.  It devastates your children
  9.  It hurts friends and relatives
10.  It impacts your legacy

Recommended reading to help reconstruct struggling marriages

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Men's Secret Wars - Means, Patrick A. 

When Love Dies: How to Save a Hopeless Marriage - Bodmer, Judy 

How to Save Your Marriage Alone - Wheat, Ed

Staying Close: Stopping the Natural Drift Toward Isolation - Rainey, Dennis 

Communication: Key to Your Marriage - Wright, H. Norman 

Fighting for Your Marriage - Markman, Howard, Scott Stanley, Susan Blumberg

His Needs, Her Needs - Harley, Willard, Jr. 

Love Must Be Tough - Dobson, Dr. James 

Fighting For Your Empty Nest Marriage - Claudia S. Arp 

Forgive and Forget - Lewis B. Smedes 

Torn Asunder - Carder, Dave 

Marriage Takes More Than Love - Mayhall, Jack and Carole