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Date Night Pdx Comedy 2023

DateNight Pdx Comedy 2023 featuring David Studebaker and Matt Kirshen

September 11, 2023
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“A World Away From Home” by Steve Stephens

August 12, 2023

Steve Stephens has written a new book, “A World Away From Home”. You can order now through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Steve is EMM’s President and has served our…

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Book Review: ENDGAME – The Church’s Strategic Move to Save Faith and Family in America

August 11, 2023

In our last newsletter, I talked about the book titled “End Game” by Epp and Gance. This book has been insightful and has caused some reflection on what is going…

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thank you

Expressing gratitude toward your spouse strengthens your marriage

July 11, 2023

Studies show that expressing gratitude toward your spouse strengthens your marriage and can have a healing effect when there are rifts in the relationship. Being thankful is associated with increased…

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marriage is a calling

Marriage Is a Calling, Not a Right

November 4, 2022

John Stonestreet, from the Colson Center discussed in his daily “Breakpoint” the idea that Marriage Is a Calling, not a Right. He quotes Mark Regnerus, who said, “Biblically speaking, marriage…

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Bob and Marcena Monroe 67 years

Bob and Marcena Monroe, 67 years

July 17, 2022

To have longevity in marriage you must have the same key components. 1. Common Values and Goals 2. Christ 3. Being Best Friends 4. Laugh a Lot 5. Enjoying our…

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John & Karen Marshall, 59 years

July 11, 2022

1. Put the Lord in the center. 2. Mutual Respect. 3. Determination. 4. Go to weddings if invited and remember your vows. 5. Forgiveness. 6. Communication. 7. Laughter. 8. Give…

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Ruthie and Glenn

Ruthie & Glenn Bethune, 54 years

July 11, 2022

1. Our wedding theme was, “EACH FOR THE OTHER AND BOTH FOR THE LORD,” AND IT STILL IS! 2. Before I met Ruthie, I begged the LORD to put blinders…

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Larry and Sheri

Larry & Sheri Polvogt, 51 years

July 11, 2022

Here are their key components to longevity in marriage. 1. Forgiveness 2. Humility 3. Change Happens (being flexible) 4. Christ 5. Commitment

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