John & Karen Marshall, 59 years


1. Put the Lord in the center. 2. Mutual Respect. 3. Determination. 4. Go to weddings if invited and remember your vows. 5. Forgiveness. 6. Communication. 7. Laughter. 8. Give lots of praise 9. Never talk negative. 10. Honesty. 11. Respect. 12. Agreement on how to handle debt. 13. Agreement on how to parent.

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Ruthie & Glenn Bethune, 54 years

Ruthie and Glenn

1. Our wedding theme was, “EACH FOR THE OTHER AND BOTH FOR THE LORD,” AND IT STILL IS! 2. Before I met Ruthie, I begged the LORD to put blinders on my eyes to see my wife only, and it has been that way. You can feel free to ask her. 3. When I tell…

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