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Book Review: ENDGAME – The Church’s Strategic Move to Save Faith and Family in America

In our last newsletter, I talked about the book titled “End Game” by Epp and Gance. This book has been insightful and has caused some reflection on what is going on in our culture today. The book is full of research statistics that indicate trends in America. The call is to develop a comprehensive strategy to strengthen marriage and renew the Church.

For example, “in 1960, just 28 percent of adults were single. Today that number is creeping toward 50 percent”. “Most marriage ministries remain a small side ministry that rarely reaches those who most need it. Just 28 percent of Churches have a substantive marriage ministry. Less than 10 percent of the Churches have a ministry for singles that actively form them for relationship discernment and relationship success.”

Does this quote resonate with you or your church?

The authors summarize by saying:

  • Churches need to make relationship health a major priority in both ministry and outreach.
  • When Churches warm up to people from their community with relationship resources, hearts are opened to the Gospel.

Now in terms of marriage, John Stonestreet from the Colson Center states, ” Marriage is a calling, not a right. Marriage isn’t about self-fulfillment, or even about companionship (as important as it is). He goes on to explain it is about fruitfulness, or taking care of the creation, something that required a man and woman as image bearers to do.” You can listen to his podcast by clicking here.

Singleness is also something worth talking about since half of us are single. In a recent Family Life podcast, Dave and Ann Wilson interview Dani Treweek. Click here to listen to this great discussion. The focus of the interview is on unpacking what singleness tells us about our forever with God.

In summary, with all that is going on in America today it is vital that we understand the Christian World view on both marriage and singleness.

Every Marriage Matters wants to partner with churches and to focus on helping couples by promoting healthy marriage, centered on the love and teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.
“Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.” (Psalm 127:1)

Stephen Winstead, Executive Director
A Colson Fellow

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